Orly Shani is keeping you in style by showing you how to make your denim jacket even more fashionable.


  • Denim jackets
  • Fabric paint
  • Card stock
  • Thin cloth and iron
  • Chalk


1. Draw straight lines with your chalk to create the rainbow sections where you want on the back of your sweater.

TIP: If putting rainbow on side of jacket, use a cardstock to help draw even sections on one side; then, flip cardstock to draw even sections of the rainbow on the other side.

2. Use fabric paint to paint in the sections.

a. TIP: If painting on darker fabric, paint a white base first to help colors stand out.

3. Heat set paint by placing a thin cloth (like a napkin) on your paint and place your iron on top for about 10 seconds.

a. Iron should be on the highest heat setting.

4. Heat will soften paint and absorb and set into fabric.

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