Create a spooky and scary with this Halloween-inspired DIY.
DIY Pumpkin Fence Pillars
Outdoor Decor
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  • Foam board
  • Gorilla Glue
  • 3 inch screws
  • Dark grey & Black latex paint
  • Heat Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Exacto Knife
  • Large Nails
  • Moss
  • Fake Pumpkins-Lights
  • Plastic Chain-Halloween Store
  • Zipties

Materials for Adding Light

  • One corded light socket
  • Extension cord depending how far away the light is from your energy source


  1. Layout the strips so that they fit together. The middle of the box will be hollow.
  2. Use gorilla glue to line the edge and attach to another piece. 
  3. Add drywall screws to secure the sides together
  4. Cut the top and the bottom to 12”x12”
  5. Attach the top with gorilla glue and secure with drywall screws
  6. Take your knife and use it to cut out proportions to look like stone.  You can also take your knife and make marks in the Styrofoam to make it look aged.
  7. Take your heating gun and run it over the cuts
  8. Paint the cuts with black
  9. Go over the entire structure with grey paint
  10. Once dry, glue on moss and add plastic chain
  11. When you use a soldering iron, do it in a ventilated area
  12. Add a pumpkin to the top of the pillar

Steps for Adding Light

  1. Make a hole in the top and the bottom
  2. Run you light socket through the two holes
  3. If your pumpkin has a hole in the bottom, just place it on top
  4. If not, cut a whole in the bottom of your pumpkin
  5. With foam board use an electric, battery candle for this project

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