Ken Wingard has a creative idea on how update your wall with this artful DIY.


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Frame
  • Paint
  • Coffee
  • Foam letters
  • Vintage Stamp
  • Glue
DIY Postcard Wall Art - Home & Family


Write the address on the Watercolor paper with paint in calligraphy. If you can’t write in calligraphy, print out the address in the font you’d like on the printer and trace it before painting it.

2. Age the paper using coffee and a sponge

3. Print out a vintage stamp and using a whole punch, scallop the edges

4. Glue the stamp onto the paper

5. Using either a homemade stamp with foam letters OR a stamp set, create a postmark

6. Take a small paint sponge and squiggle on the cancellation marks

7. Hang in a frame on your wall!

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