Cameron Mathison is showing you the variety of ways to use a pool noodle.

Materials for DIY Laundry Basket Ball

  • 2 round plastic laundry baskets
  • 2 pool noodles
  • Soft water ball
  • Waterproof tape
  • X-acto knife

Materials for DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries

  • Pool noodles
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rubber bands
  • Luminaries
  • X-acto knife

Materials for DIY Noodle Paddles

  • Pool noodles
  • Waterproof tape
  • Soft water ball

Directions for DIY Laundry Basket Ball

1. Cut a slit down the side of the pool noodle with X-acto knife
2. Slide the pool noodle around the rim of the laundry basket using the slit
3. Cut off excess noodle
4. Tape noodle in 3-4 spots for extra security
5. Repeat steps for the second basket
6. Put in pool and play ball.

Directions for DIY Pool Noodle Luminaries

1. Cut a piece of plastic wrap
2. Wrap around bottom of luminary
3. Use rubber band to secure the plastic wrap
4. Cut slices from pool noodle, a little thicker than the luminary
5. Widen the center of the noodle slices with a X-acto knife
6. Place the luminary inside the center of the slice
7. Repeat steps for all luminaries.

DIrections for Pool Noodle Paddles

1. Cut off small piece of pool noodle about 12 -14 inches long
2. Cut one end at an angle
3. Take the rest of the noodle and cut one end at an angle
4. Bend the small piece and then wrap the large piece around the small piece.
5. There should be excess noodle that will be the handle
6. Tape the handle and the bottom portion of the paddle with tape.

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