DIY Pocketwatch Wall Clock


  • Large wall clock (approx 20” with a frame, Roman numerals or antique looking numbers)
  • Plastic chain from Joanne’s or hardware store
  • PVC pipe and ping pong balls for the toggle
  • Doorknob for the top of clock
  • Hot glue
  • Metallic red spray paint 
  • Hammer & nails
DIY Oversized Pocketwatch - Home & Family


1. Either tape off clock face or remove glass and clock from frame.

2. Spray paint frame, chain, door knob, pvc and ping pong balls.

3. Put click back together.

4. Hot glue door knob to clock.

5. Hot glue ping pong balls to pvc ends.

6. Attach chain to door knob and pvc.

7. Hang clock on wall.

8. Drape chain on the wall and secure with small nail.

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