Paige Hemmis and Matt Iseman team up!


  • 2x4 ft sheets of 1/4 inch thick plexiglass
  • 1x3 4 ft long wood beams
  • Cup hooks
  • Screws
  • Dremel hand saw
  • Blue rope or string lights


1) Draw outline of icicles on plexiglass, cutting the sheet in half

2) Use Dremel to cut plexiglass along the outline

3) Screw in 3 cup hooks to the top of the wood beam, at the two ends and one in the middle

4) Screw the plexiglass to the back of the wood beam, with the cup hooks on top

5) Hang on wave of house: put the Christmas lights under the eaves and place screws on top; make sure the distance matches the distances of the cup hooks. Hang on screws and turn on lights!

Do It Yourself Plexiglass Icicles - Home & Family

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