Take your dinner parties to the next level with these homemade place settings!


  • Scrapbook paper or fabric
  • Spar urethane
  • sewing machine
  • paintbrush
  • clothespins
  • stocking print-out
  • chalk


  • Tag for name
  • Twine
  • Napkin

1. Use your paintbrush to coat both sides of your scrapbook paper or fabric with the spar urethane.
*If using fabric, cut it down to a reasonable working size before. *
2. Hang with clothespins and allow the coated material to dry thoroughly.
3. Sandwich the un-patterned sides of your material together.
4. Use your stocking print-out as a pattern, trace it with chalk onto the material.
*Do not cut the pattern out of the material, leave it on a larger piece for stability. *
5. Sew the stocking together along the chalk line. Make sure to leave the top of your stocking open.
6. Cut out your stocking with 1/4” seam allowance on the outside of your stitching.
7. Add nametag and decorate as desired.
8. Put your napkin in along with utensils and enjoy!

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