Paige Hemmis has a fun and colorful DIY using a skateboard, wire hangers, color transparency sheets and screw gun.


  • Galvanized threaded pipe
  • Flange
  • Truck from skateboard
  • Color transparency sheets
  • Copper spray paint
  • Super Glue
  • Wire Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Exacto Knife

Materials for Base

  • galvanized thread pipe
  • flange
  • truck from a skateboard
  • screw gun
  • screw gun
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1. Unravel wire hanger until straight

2. Cut the two ends using wire cutters

3. Use tin can to shape the wire

4. Give yourself about 2” to wrap the top of the wire into the shape of a circle

5. Once you twist it around once, you can slide the wire off of the tin can and continue to

6. Spray the wire with copper spray paint

7. Apply super glue to the circle shape you have created

8. Press down on colored transparency sheet and use an exacto knife to cut it out

7. Place flange on top of galvanized threaded pipe

8. Drill holes into wheels of truck from a skateboard

9. Mount truck onto the flange

10. Screw into place

11. Attach arms

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