Maria Provenzano is updating your lamp with this fun tropical look.


  • 2-liter plastic soda bottle
  • plastic spoons
  • glue gun
  • small lamp
  • yellow spray paint
  • green foam sheets
  • chandelier shade (these are clip on shades)
  • low watt LED light bulb
  • wire cutters, or something similar to cut the plastic spoons


· Cut the 2-liter bottle to the size you would like your pineapples

· Cut the top of the bottom to remove the spout so that the hole at the top is larger

· Lay out the spoons facing down and spray paint the backs of them yellow

· Allow to dry completely

· Once dry, cut the handles of the spoons off with the wire cutters

· Start applying the spoons to the bottom of the bottle, using minimal glue

· Work your way up to the top

· Cut the green paper to create the top of the pineapple and glue it around the hole at the top, making sure to leave the hole at the top open

· Cut the fabric off of the chandelier shade, leaving only the clip

· Place the clip over the light

· Place the pineapple over the clip

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