Paige Hemmis is showing you how to add some extra holiday decorations to your house with this DIY.


  • Pine cones in various sizes
  • Felt squares (or any material you have laying around your craft room)
  • Small jingle bells
  • Fine-tipped permanent marker
  • Wood beads or wood dowel rod caps (about 1” in diameter)
  • Heavy duty fabric glue
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • String/thread with needle
DIY Pinecone Elves - Home & Family


1. Use your card stock to make a little cone-shaped hat that fits around the wood bead. Mark the card stock, and make sure to leave a little extra to glue around the hat.
2. Cut out your hat form and use this as a template for all of the little hats you will be making.
3. Also use the card stock to make little feet for your elves and for the gloves. You can freehand this or print a picture from the internet and cut it out.
4. Cut out hats, gloves, and feet out of the felt. It’s best to do this all at once so everything is cut out for as many elves as you would like.
5. For the scarf, cut your felt about 11” long by ½” wide.
6. Glue the hat together all the way up the triangle.
7. Take a needle and thread (or string) and attach a jingle bell to the top of the hat and run the string through the hat. Use hot glue to attach the string to the felt to keep the jingle bell in place.
8. Hot glue the hat on to the wooden bead.
9. Make a mark for the eyes and mouth with your fine-tipped permanent marker.
10. Hot glue the feet on the elves at the bottom of the pine cone. You can make this layer a double or triple layer if you would like a stronger base.
11. Use hot glue to attach the head onto the pine cone. Make sure that at least one of the pieces of pine cones goes through a hole in the wooden bead.
12. Take your scarf piece and wrap it around the neck of your elf between the wooden bead head and the pine cone body.
13. Glue on the gloves or mittens to the side of the pinecone. If you want your elves to hold anything, add this now.

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