Build a snowflake out of a picket fence with this holiday DIY.
DIY Picket Fence Snowflake
Outdoor Decor, Christmas Decor
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  • 8 wooden fence pickets
  • Dremel/saw
  • Nail gun/Hammer and nails
  • Nails
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wood glue


  1. Using a saw cut each piece of fence in half
  2. Take 4 bottom fence pickets and form a square (this will act as your base
  3. Glue and nail into place
  4. Lay 4 of the top fence pickets onto the corners of square
  5. Glue and nail in place
  6. Take the remaining 4 top fence pickets and lay them in the middle of each cornerpiece
  7. Glue and nail together
  8. Paint snowflake and let dry

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