Orly Shani and Laura Nativo team up.

Materials for Option 1

  • Old sweater
  • Scissors

Materials for Option 2

  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • 1/2 shearline
  • 1 yard of nylon belt trim
  • velcro

Steps for Option 1

1) Cut the sleeve off an old sweater.
2) Cut the sleeve to the length of your dog.
3) Measure the distance between his front legs and mark that spot on your sleeve. Cut holes on those markings to create the front leg opening.
4) The cuff of the sleeve will act as the neckhole.

Steps for Option 2

1) Spray glue or sew the backside of your fabric to the backside of the shearling

2) Lay your fabric flat and mark the length of your dog from the base of his neck to just above his tail.
3) Next, mark the measurement across his back and make that marking on your fabric. Now cut the fabric into a rectangle. This will be his little jacket/cape.

4) Next, cut a slit in the fabric on the right and left side of the fabric to insert your nylon straps. The front straps should go in front of his front legs.

5) Next, slits in the middle so those straps could go across his belly.
Hot glue or sew one side of the strap onto the fabric and apply velcro to the other side so it can open and close.

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