Paige Hemmis shows off an endearing way to commemorate your pet!


  • A 16”x20” frame
  • A 16”x20” canvas
  • A black and white matting (various sizes to layer)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Artist paint brush (small and large)
  • Printer
  • A paper plate to use as a palette
  • A cup of water to wash your paint brush
  • A free “Cartoon” app on your smart phone
  • A picture of your beloved pooch
  • Iron-on transfer paper


1. Download a cartoon application on your phone. We used “Cartoon Sketch Avatar Free” with the “pencil sketch" effect

2. Enter a picture of your pet into the program, and convert the image to a cartoon in black and white shades.

3. Print the image either on regular paper or on iron-on paper. If you are making a larger painting, you will need to divide the painting into two or four sections and print sections.

4. Transfer the image to your canvas (or any surface that you wish to paint. I am using canvas and will iron on the image to the canvas).

5. Open your paint and squeeze a little of the color onto your palette. You will only need black, white and gray paint (Technically only black and white because you will mix the two to create gray).

6. Paint over all of the areas that are marked with that color.

7. Wash your brush after you are finished with that color, and let the canvas dry before applying the next color. (If you are using acrylic paint, the dry time will be minimal. If you are using oil-based paint, each step could take up to a day to dry.)

8. Repeat these steps until you have every area of the painting is complete.

9. If you want to use the glass over the picture, make sure that your acrylic paint is as smooth as possible. If you want to leave off the glass, you can add texture to the painting with adding a bit of extra paint (or even adding drywall mud).

10. Hang up, and show off your pet on your wall! Voila!

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