Countdown to Christmas with your furry friends and this DIY Pet Advent Calendar.
DIY Pet Advent Calendar
Pets, Christmas


  • Foam core
  • Felt in tan, green and red
  • 2” wide Christmas ribbon
  • 1” number stickers
  • Twine or decorative rope
  • Ruler or quilting square
  • Bowl to create rounds at each end of the bone
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pencil
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Marker and pencil
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Dog treats
  • Optional:
    • Heavy-duty tape


  1. Draw out the base bone shape onto your foam core. Mark out a rectangle that is about 36” long and 12” wide. Trace around a bowl on each corner of the rectangle to create the two rounds at each end of the bone.
  2. Cut base shape out with an x-acto knife on a cutting mat.
  3. Cover the base with felt. Open up the fabric and place it face down on your work surface. Place the base face down on the fabric then cut the fabric to the shape of the base, but about 3” larger all around.
  4. Wrap the fabric onto the back, pull taut then cut slits to fit curves and corners wherever necessary. Use hot glue as you go to secure in place.
  5. Measure out and cut how much length of ribbon you will need to create 3 rows of pockets, double the length so that you have a backing. The first row of pockets 1-7 should be 14” wide folded, 28” length of ribbon. The second row of pockets 8-15 should 16” wide folded, 32” length of ribbon. The third row of pockets 16-25 should be 20” long folded, 40” length of ribbon.
  6. Fold the ribbon lengths in half then adhere one side of each down in place on the base.
  7. Create the pockets. Fold and seal the bottom of each ribbon with a thin line of hot glue. Starting from the folded end, every two inches place a line of hot glue and then press until it sticks, continue until you reach the end. Repeat this step on each ribbon to create a series of pockets.
  8. Attach the appropriate number to each pocket.
  9. Cut out the holly leaves of green felt, then the holly berries out of red felt.
  10. Glue the holly leaves on in pairs and the berries on top.
  11. Use white puff paint to add the frosting border and details to the holly leaves and berries if desired. Allow the puff paint to dry for 24 hours.
  12. Add a rope to hang the calendar from. Cut a piece of twine or decorative rope and glue each end to the back of the top side of the base. If you’d like, use a heavy-duty tape to reinforce.
  13. Hang as desired, fill with treats and enjoy!

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