DIY Personalized Serving Trays with Tracy Metro


  1. Select a frame.
  2. Remove any existing hanging hardware.
  3. Place your frame down on a good working surface in a landscape position.
  4. Decide if you want to install feet, handles or both.
  5. If installing feet, make sure to recess the feet in by about an inch (if available) so that they don't stick out beyond the edge of the frame.
  6. If installing handles, it is suggested that you install them on the short sides of the rectangular frame.
  7. TIP: In order to get the most accurate measurement/placement when installing a handle with 2 holes, make sure you measure the distance from the center of each screw hole.
  8. Measure the frame from top to bottom and make a pencil marking in the middle of the frame on both the left and right sides.
  9. Place your handles over this mark and make sure that the middle of your handle is over the pencil marking you have made.
  10. Using a pencil, lightly draw a circle on the frame around the top and the bottom of the handle.
  11. Drill a hole through the center of each of these circular markings that you have made.
  12. Feed the bolts through the drilled hole from the backside of the frame. The bolts should meet up with the handle on the front side of the frame.
  13. Screw the bolt into the base of the handles until tight on both the left and right side of the frame.
  14. Dust off the underside of the glass before adding materials inside the frame.
  15. Assemble personal photos from summer family vacations, summer-themed pictures drawn by children, tea towels, covers from greeting cards, recipe cards from Grandma's recipe collection – anything you'd like to fit inside your frame behind the glass.
  16. Assemble frame together as you would normally for a standard photo
  17. Adhere rubber feet or felt gliders, if desired.
  18. Clean and shine with Windex Touch Up Cleaner.

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