Paige Hemmis is in the retro spirit with this fun DIY.


  • Skates (either new or wipe the dust of your old ones!)
  • Embellishments (which is really just a fancy word for bling, glitter, stickers and fun stuff that you want to use on your skates)
  • Paint pens (these can be paint based or colored sharpies)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I like hot glue and glue gun)
  • OPTIONAL: Pom pom maker
  • OPTIONAL: Yarn
  • Pencil
DIY Embellished Roller Skates - Home & Family


1. Lay out how you would like your skates and draw in pencil where you would like every embellishment to go.

2. Start decorating with all of your fun items!

3. Keep decorating until you achieve your desired result!

4. OPTIONAL: If you want to make cute little pom-poms, then grab your pom-pom maker,
some yarn and scissors and get to work according to the manufacturers directions

5. Voila! Put on your skates and hit the road (or the rink)

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