DIY Paper Wedding Fans With Jessie Jane

Start by ordering your programs on-line. We used Wedding Paper Divas,, because we could customize every aspect of the program to paper-type to font to colors.

Using wooden popsicle sticks, available at any craft store, lay them out on paper and spray paint them black. Allow to dry and flip over and paint the other side black. Once dried, line the popsicle sticks up on a clean piece of paper and using a paint brush, brush a ¼” wide line of Mod Podge 2/3’s of the way down the stick. Sprinkle glitter over the strip of Mod Podge. We used black glitter on a black stick to continue the modern and chic theme for the décor of our upcoming Home and Family Wedding. Take the stick and put a ½ inch line of hot glue on the top of the stick and attach the program.