• 5 sheets (or more depending on the size you want) of brown/copper tissue paper
  • scissors
  • white paper for the laces; preferably card stock
  • twine or ribbon to tie the center
  • tape


1) Lay the 5 (or so) sheets on top of each other and cut in half, then in half again so that you have 4 equal sections

2) Take one section of the cut sheets and set aside the other three for later

3) Cut the top sheet about 4 inches on each side

4) Cut the next sheet so that it is about a 1/2 inch longer than then first sheet, and repeat until you get to the last sheet that you don’t need to cut at all; so basically the top sheet will be the smallest and they get larger as you get to the last sheet, because that is what creates the “football” shape; otherwise it looks more like a round shape

5) Then, cut the corners off to make it appear more like a football shape; I did this by measuring about three inches in on both side and then cutting to make sure I cut the corners off each sheet

6) Fold about a 1 inch vertical section, and then flip over to fold again, so that you are getting an accordion type fold

7) Repeat until the entire thing is folded

8) Tie a piece of thin ribbon or thread in the center; making sure it is tied pretty tight *Fluff the tissue paper starting with the shortest piece first, then following with each piece behind it

9) If it doesn’t look enough like a football shape, use a pair of scissors to cut any more tissue that may need to be cut off

10) For the laces I took a sheet of white card stock paper and cut a strip that was about 2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches long; then measured every 1/2 inch in the width; measured out 1/2 inch in the center; cut every 1/2 inch rectangle out to create the lace look of a football

11) Attach the laces to the center of the tissue paper football with tape; I like using scotch tape because it’s really strong

12) Use tape (I like scotch tape because it’s really strong) to place the tissue paper on the wall or wherever you wish to display it!

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