Ken Wingard is whipping up a fun and colorful clock to keep track of the time.


  • Wooden paint palette
  • adhesive caulk
  • Spray paint
  • Super glue
  • Wax paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Clock movement mechanism kit with hanging option


  • hot glue gun and hot glue


1. On wax paper, squeeze the adhesive caulking into paint-like dollops.

2. Allow the dollops to dry for a minimum 24 hours and spray paint to desired colors. Remember this is a paint palette so you can use whatever colors you like.

3. Drill a hole that will fit the shaft of your clock mechanism. If necessary, countersink the hole to accommodate a clock kit with a shorter shaft.

4. Cut your paintbrushes down to length, accounting for the placement of your paint dollops as time markers.

5. Fit your cut paintbrushes to the hands of your clock’s mechanism by shaving or sanding down the top and bottom until the hands can swing freely over each other.
*The clock hands themselves may need to be cut down to hide behind paintbrushes. *

6. Once you know the brushes fit, sand them down and re-paint if needed.

7. Adhere the paintbrushes to the faces of the clock hands with super glue.

8. Assemble your clock mechanism onto your palette.

9. Place your now colorful paint dollops on the palette and adhere.

10. Hang and enjoy!

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