DIY Paint By Numbers for Grown-Ups

A fun DIY for all-ages!


  • Artist paint brush (small)
  • Acrylic paint set (variety of colors)
  • Paper or Iron-On transfer paper
  • Canvas (or any other surface you would like to paint on)


1. Download the image you want to paint.  Visit  for images

2. Print the image either on regular paper, or on iron-on paper.  If you print the

image on regular paper, check the website for transfer instructions.*

3. Transfer the image to your canvas.

4. Get the paint colors that correspond with the color chart you downloaded

(these can be approximate colors – you choose the colors you would like to

use)  Water-based acrylic paints work the best.  If you are painting on

clothing, you may want to get fabric paint.

5. Check the color chart for your first color to use.  These will go in numerical order

6. Open your paint and squeeze a little of the color onto your palette

7. Paint all of the areas that are marked with that number.

8. Wash your brush after you are finished with that number, and let the canvas

dry before applying the next color. (If you are using acrylic paint, the dry

time will be minimal.  If you are using oil-based paint, each step could take up

9. Repeat these steps until you have every area of the painting is complete.

10. Hang up, wear, or show off to your friends!

* Transfer instructions for regular paper:  Print the image.  On the back of the paper, shade in the entire surface area with a regular lead pencil.  Turn the paper back over and set it on the canvas (or any surface you want).  Take the back of a pen (or any pointed object) and press on the lines of the image.  Use a bit of force to have the lead transfer to your canvas.  When you have outlined the entire image, you can remove the paper and paint.

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