Matt Iseman is helping you get more organized by creating storage in your garage.


  • 2x4’s
  • sheets of plywood
  • hardware (we used 3” screws)
  • wood glue
DIY Garage Storage - Home & Family


1) Create the brackets with the 2x4’s

2) Mark the studs

3) Attach brackets to the studs in the wall with at least 3” screws

4) Find the studs in the wall- you can pick up a “stud finder” at any hardware store

5) Build the brace…the brace is what keeps you from having to build posts to the floor for support.

6) Attach the brace into the studs with screws

7) The brace is at a 45degree angle that brings the support back to the wall

8) Attach sheet of plywood with screws and wood glue

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