Ken Wingard shows you how to create your very own dartboard.


  • 1x4 plywood 36” long (15)
  • 1x4 plywood 48” long (3)
  • 1x4 plywood 49 ½” long (2)
  • 1x4 plywood 37 ½” long (2)
  • Wood stain
  • French cleat
  • Dartboard
  • Chalkboard to fit (2)
  • Drill w/ 1 ¼” screws
  • Nail gun w/ 2” screws


1. Lay fourteen 36”long plywood down on table, flush next to each other.

2. Place a wooden spacer (1x4) between the 3rd and 4th pieces of plywood.

3. Lay 48” long plywood horizontally on top of your 36” long plywood that are side by side. Place one piece on both sides (wood spacer between them). Attach the 4 corners of stacked wood together.

4. Once those are attached, continue screwing the rest of the wood together. Remove spacer and add 3rd 48 inch long plywood in the middle. Screw in place.

5. Flip board over and insert the last 36” plywood into the opening (it should look like a mini shelf). Screw in from the back.

6. Attach the two 49 ½” plywood to the longer sides of board and two 37 ½” plywood to the shorter sides using a drill or nail gun with 2” nails.

7. Stain wood board desired color.

8. Drill 3 holes through each side of the shelf (total of 6) to hold darts.

9. Attach a French cleat to the back of backboard and install onto the wall where you will hang the board. Hang backboard.

10. Attach dartboard above the shelf on the backboard, following directions on the dartboard.

11. Attach 2 chalkboards beneath the shelf in order to keep score.

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