Ken Wingard is creating a fun optical illusion window using a mirror, plywood, paint and a saw.


  • Saw
  • 2x2 Mirror
  • 2x2 Piece of plywood
  • Liquid Nails Glue
  • Paint or Stain of choice
  • Hardware of choice
  • Painters Tape
DIY Optical Windows - Home & Family


1.Glue your mirror to your piece of plywood with Liquid Nails.

2.Once dry, cut your border pieces and apply with glue. Note: if using 2x2 mirror, cut border
pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle at the corners.

3.Use painters tape to map out the inner window.

4.Once you map it out to your desired look, cut insert wood pieces at their respective angles.
Note: If using 2x2 mirror, cut slanted inserts at a 5 degree angle.

5. Glue insert pieces of wood to mirror.

6. Stain as desired. Note: You can also stain your wood prior to gluing

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