Maria Provenzano is showing you how to create a stylish hamper.


  • An old hamper
  • Large paint brush
  • Dark pink paint
  • Light pink paint
  • White paint
  • Paper plates
  • Faux flower; optional 

DIY Ombre Hamper - Home & Family


1) Place the hamper on a covered surface, and work in a well-ventilated space, preferably outside

2) Start with the dark pink color at the bottom, pour some of the darker pink color onto a paper plate, dip the paint brush in and paint the bottom of the hamper with the dark pink color

3) Note: I actually turned the hamper upside down when doing this layer of color, because it is easier to paint it that way, and easier to see what you are doing; flip it over once you get to the second color

4) While you are working your way up, slightly brush the paint brush up to create a faded look

5) Pour some of the light over some of the left over dark pink, and slightly blend together

6) Use that color next, working your way up to the middle of the hamper, and fading the color up towards the top third of the hamper

7) Then pour the white over the light and dark pink mixture to create a very pale pink

8) Use the pale pink color to paint all the way to the top of the hamper

9) Paint the top if desired, I did the sides with the pale pink and went darker as I went to the center

10) Allow to dry completely

11) Use a glue gun to attach the faux flower to the top; optional

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