Paige Hemmis is showing you how to make a comfortable bed for your dogs.


  • Two different colors of fleece fabric (amount based on size of your dog)
  • Memory foam (you can buy by the roll or by the bed size – I chose a twin size to cut in half for each of my dogs)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil/pen
  • Fabric scissors
DIY No Sew Animal Bed - Home & Family


1. Measure and mark the size of the bed you would like on the memory foam. Cut to size.

2. Lay out the two pieces of fabric, making sure the side you want to see is on the top and bottom (the opposite sides from each other). The inside of the material (the part you don’t see) will be touching.

3. Measure six inches around the entire fabric since you will lose this amount when you cut your sides. (Six inches around the entire fabric – so 12” total extra fabric.)

4. Now measure, mark and cut a 6” square to all the corners of the fabric. You will not need this excess so you can discard.

5. Measure and mark 6” all the way around your fabric on all four sides. This will be your stopping point for the strips you need to cut.

6. You don’t need to mark the size of your strips, but you can eyeball about 1 ½” to 2” thickness.

7. Cut strips all the way around the fabric. Keep the two pieces of fabric together and cut them together.

8. Complete this until your entire fabric has strips.

9. Take off the top layer of fabric and set in the memory foam, making sure that it is perfectly centered around your slits. Add the top layer of fabric on (correct side up) and align it to match.

10. Start tying your knots with each of the strips. You don’t need to tie this too tight.

11. Sit back, relax and admire your pups on their new beds!

Download Paige's Dog Size Chart

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