DIY New Year's Eve Fringe Balloons

How are you using trash bags today?
Jessie's figured out how to make trash bags glam by using them to make Fringe Balloons! These balloons sell for as much as $150 each and have been featured at celebrity parties like Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday bash for her son. We’re going to make them today for under $15 for each balloon!
Where do you get the balloons?
You can easily order them on-line or get them at a party supply store. Be sure you get the premium latex balloon because you need them to be really sturdy. Jessie likes the show-stopping look of the larger balloons so she chose 36" balloons (which are almost 3’ around when fully inflated) but you can choose a smaller size if you’d like.
Where do you get the helium to fill the balloons?
You can rent tanks of helium to fill the balloons at home or you can have them filled at the party store where you buy them. The helium is the most expensive part of the craft as the price of a small helium tank is about $50 right now and that will fill about 3-4 of the large, 36" balloons.
How do we make the fringe for the balloons?
The fringe is a combination of trash bags and plastic table cloths, you can also embellish the fringe with feathers, glitter and ribbons. We chose a New Year’s Eve chic color scheme of gold and white and more gold!
• You take your trash bags and cut along one seam so the bag lays out flat. • Fold the bag on itself and then fold it again so you have 4 layers. • Cut the plastic in half from side to side and separate the pieces so you can start the fringe. • Cut 1 Inch strip leaving about an inch at the top uncut so all of the tassels stay connected. • Roll the fringe up on itself so it creates one large tassel. • Staple the top of the fringe so it looks like a pom-pom. • Repeat the process as you’ll need about 12-20 for 1 large 36" balloon, depending on how "fringed" you want it to look. How do you attach the tassels?
It’s super easy, you just run the tassels up the string of the balloon and affix it with tape. Continue layering them down the balloon until you’ve added all of your tassels.
How did you complete our New Year’s Eve look for this party?
Use a lot of gold! Gold fringe, gold glitter but to keep it chic and not gaudy, mix it with some beautiful wooden apple buckets overturned to serve as a tray for our Champagne flutes and Laurent Perrier Champagne. You can also use cute handmade flutes with each hour handwritten on the glasses (9, 10, 11, etc) so you can serve your guests a glass of Champagne each hour as you all count down to 2014!
Ring in the new year with Laurent-Perrier Champagne

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