Paige Hemmis is celebrating Pi Day with this DIY.


  • Branch
  • Drill/Drill Bits (⅛ & ⅜)
  • Wood Rounds
  • Chalk
  • Jigsaw
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue (Optional)
  • Clear Coat ( Optional)
  • Pies
DIY Natural Wood Pie Stand - Home & Family


1. Hold your branch up to see where you want the pie holders to go and mark them with chalk or pencil.

2. Using a jigsaw, cut the branch at your chalk lines. Make sure your ends are level and parallel with each other.

3. Using a pencil, mark where you branch will sit on the base (1 wood round)

4. Use drill and ⅛ drill bit to pre-drill a small hole into the wood round

5. Using ⅜th bit, drill a larger hole into your small drilled hole of the wood round. Mark, with chalk, on the drill so that you don’t go all the way through the wood. Add tape so you can visibly see that line.

6. Pre-drill a small hole into your branch’s base using the ⅛

7. Drill the screw just slightly through the larger hole - it should be exposed on the other side.

8. Twist the branch onto the exposed screw. Use the drill to screw the screw the rest of the way.

9. Repeat steps 3-8 to attach the pie platforms. The platforms do not need to be centered - they can be offset to accommodate the branches.

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