DIY Napkin Rings and Tablescape

Cristina and Ken team up to create a festive tablescape for the holidays


  • Vintage or costume brooch
  • Plain napkin ring
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal Epoxy


  1. Remove pin or other backing from broach using pliers if necessary
  2. Roughen up back of broach and top of napkin ring with sandpaper
  3. Clean back and napkin ring well and let dry
  4. Apply epoxy as per package directions
  5. Adhere broach to napkin ring


  1. Use a similar metal or jewel theme to make a “matching” set
  2. Get creative with it and use all different shapes and colors
  3. Buy broaches at thrift shops or by inexpensive new ones
The Perfect Tablescape - Home & Family - Video

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