Ken Wingard and Maria Provenzano are giving you a variety of tablescape ideas for Mother's Day.

Materials for Ken's Photo Cube

  • Wood Cube
  • Black and white photos
  • Mod Podge (Decoupage medium)

Materials for Maria's DIY Cabbage Vases

  • Cabbage
  • Small vase or mason jar
  • Knife
  • Marker
  • Flowers

Maria's DIY Lattice Sign

  • Lattice fencing
  • Fresh flowers
  • Ribbon or floral tape

Directions for Maria's Flower Plates for Mom

  • Glass plates
  • Craft paint; nontoxic
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Sealer

Directions for Photo Cube

1. Cut photos slightly smaller than cube size

2. Glue onto cube

3. Coat with decoupage medium

Directions for Cabbage Vases

1. Use a knife to cut the bottom of the cabbage so that it will sit flat; keep any larger leaves that come off when you make the cut

2. Place the top of the mason jar on the top of the cabbage and trace the opening with a marker

3. Use the knife to cut out the circle at the top of the cabbage and keep cutting to create a hole for the mason jar to sit in

4. Place the mason jar in the hole

5. Fill with water and flowers

6. Add any extra cabbage leaves around the side of the cabbage


Keep the excess leaves to decorate with

Cut the bottom so that it lays flat to make the cabbage more sturdy

Cut enough into the cabbage so that the top of the mason jar is level with the top of the cabbage

Use flowers at the base that are wider so you are sure to cover the area where the cabbage and vase meet

Directions for Lattice Signs

1. Place the flowers onto the lattice to spell out the word “mom”

2. Use floral tape or ribbon to tie the flowers in place

3. The sign can be hung on the wall or placed as décor around the house


Lattice fencing can be found at hardware/gardening store

If using fake flowers, they can simply be cut with wire cutters and glued on or tied in the same way

If using fresh flowers, the sign will be temporary

Directions for Flower Plates

1. Flip the plate over to work on the bottom of the plate

2. Make a handprint in the center by applying paint to your hand (or your child’s hand) and pressing it into the center of the bottom of the plate

3. Allow to dry completely

4. Paint the center of plate (still flipped over) to create the “center of the flower” and use the paint brush to create petals around the outside rim of the plate; this way, when the plate is flipped over, you will be able to see the handprint, and it will look like it is in the center of a flower

Seal with the Mod Podge


Make sure to work with non-toxic paint if making a handprint

These are more for decoration than eating, but the top part is free from paint and could be used as a plate

Hand wash

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