Paige Hemmis makes bracelets, inspired by “Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery," that are a secret way to send messages to your friends.


  • Waxed linen jewelry string in desired color
  • Small round beads
  • Long beads called “tube” beads
  • Scissors
  • Card stock


  • Small box
  • Batting
  • Jewelry hardware like jump ring and clasp
  • Jewelry pliers
DIY Morse Code Bracelets - Home & Family


1. Look up the saying or words that you would like to convey on your bracelet in morse code on the internet. For instance, if you want your bracelet to say, “i love you”, type in “morse code for ‘i love you’”. Print out the sequence.

2. Cut your wax string so that it can wrap around your hand, not your wrist.

3. Tie a knot in your string where you want the words to start. Evenly space the knot from the center, this will depend on how long your phrase is.

4. Add beads according to the morse code sequence using your short and long beads.

PRO TIP: The tube beads are your dashes and the round beads are your dots.

5. Tie a knot at the end of your message to lock it in.

6. For the clasp, we are using a “single sliding knot” method. This is a great method to secure your bracelet and to make it adjustable.

Go to our Facebook page to see Paige give a video tutorial of this!

PRO TIP: If you don’t want to use the knot, you can also use classic metal jewelry hardware like jump rings and a clasp.


1. Make sure that your string bracelet has nice tight knots on either end.

2. Overlap the ends by ½ inch.

3. Test to make sure you have plenty of room to get the bracelet on and off your hand. If making this for someone with larger, account for the size of their hands and make the string longer.

4. With the ends overlapped on each side, take another piece of cord about 6-7 inches long. Make a loop around the short end and have the longer end on the other side.

5. Make sure the cords of your bracelet are not twisted at all and hold them with one hand, its best to use your non-dominant hand.

6. Grab the loop with your thumb and wrap the long end of the cord around your bracelet about 5-6 times, making sure not too tight because we are going to weave the cord back through the loops.

PRO TIP: Don’t let go or it will make the loops way too loose.

7. Weave the longer end back through the loops and coils you made, making sure to go through all of the loops and continue all the way to the first loop you made.

8. Grab both ends that are sticking out and pull gently apart and this will tighten up the knot. Keep pulling a little bit at a time until taut.

9. For the ends, cut them short and tie off with a knot. Tie a knot each end of the cord and slide it down as close to the cord and pull it tight. Do the same on the other side.

10. Trim the little sides with scissors and test it to make sure that you’ve done it correctly – it should loosen and tighten to fit any wrist!


1. Once your bracelet is done, it’s time to let your recipient know what they are receiving! On card stock, write out what the dots and dashes mean. You can write this by hand or put it through your printer.

2. Trim it down with scissors to fit in your gift box.

3. Cut a piece of batting to go into your gift box and lay the bracelet on top.

4. Lay the Morse code message on top and wrap it up for your special someone. No one else will know what your bracelet means, but you will. And it will be fun to share this secret with your special someone!

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