Matt Iseman is getting ready for Halloween with this spooky monster hand candy stand for trick or treaters.


  • Box
  • ¾ in plywood
  • plywood round
  • bowl
  • wood glue
  • L-brackets
  • screws
  • jigsaw
  • paint
  • faux fur
  • candy


1. Measure the opening of the box and have your plywood "base" cut to the exact dimensions

2. On remaining plywood, trace the monster claw first in pencil then with black sharpie

3. Clamp down wood to secure, then using jigsaw, cut out design

4. Secure claw to base with L-Brackets

5. Paint the nails of the claw, paint the plywood round (paint prior to adding to the tips of the

6. Add faux fur

7. Place bowl of candy on top and enjoy!

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