Paige Hemmis is taking craft plywood, craft wood sticks and LED battery operated lights and turning them into lovely home decor.


  • Scissors
  • Craft plywood
  • Craft wood sticks (bamboo bendable sticks)
  • Mirrored contact paper (reflective self-adhesive film)
  • Battery operated light (LED wireless puck light)
  • jigsaw
  • Hot glue
  • Small ruler
  • Paint
DIY Mirrored Daisy Lights - Home & Family


1. Create a template for a petal by drawing a petal shape on one of the pieces of craft wood.

2. Cut out the template and use this for all the petals of your flower.

3. Cut each petal out. Sand any rough edges down.

4. Lay out the adhesive mirrored paper.

5. Use the wood template to draw on the paper in the shape of your petal.

6. Cut out the petal out of the mirrored paper – one for each petal.

7. Peel off the backing of the paper carefully, and lay it on top of the petal. Use a ruler to get
out any bubbles that might occur.

8. Take the bendable wood sticks and bend them around the plywood petals. Sand any rough
edges down.

9. Paint all wood white (or any color you would like), including any sticks you would like to use.

10. Glue the border to the petal.

11. Take the sticks and create a lattice effect on the petals. Align the petals in a circle so that
they look like a flower.

12. Cut a circle piece out of plywood. You can use the light as a template for the circle.

13. Attach all pieces of wood together.

14. Using the adhesive tape that comes with the light, attach the light to the center of the

15. Hang it up and admire your work!


1. Using a battery-operated light is better to use since there will be no cords hanging down.

2. You could use an extra piece of the mirrored paper to make a center of the flower just under the light.

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