Materials for DIY Table Bandana Runner:

  • Red and blue bandanas (you can add white bandanas in too if you like); 4 regular size bandanas should get you about a 50 inch size banner
  • Rope/strong string cut a bit longer on both side than the desired length
  • Scissors

Materials for DIY Mason Jars:

  • Mason Jars; whatever size you like
  • Burlap ribbon; 5-inches in width
  • Red, White, and Blue ribbon; about 1 to 1 ½ -inches in width
  • White paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Materials for American Flag Inspired Water Colored Napkins:

  • White cotton napkins
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint; red, white, and blue
  • Paintbrush; one small foam brush, one small paint brush
  • Water; about 1 cup
  • Bowl for water/paint mixture; a mason jar works great
  • Towel; one you aren’t worried about ruining

Directions for the Bandanas:

  1. With the bandana folded in half cut about 1 ½ inch thick strips
  2. Place the part of the strip that is folded over the string so that it looks like a “U” shape
  3. Place the bottom legs of the bandana strip through the “U” shape, over the string, and pull down so that it creates a knot shape at the top
  4. Repeat until you achieve the length of the banner you desire

Directions for the Mason jars:

  1. Measure the burlap ribbon around the mason jar and cut to fit around the size of the jar you chose
  2. Once you measured how long it will be around the jar, cut the burlap ribbon in half lengthwise so that there are two long strips
  3. Wrap one of the burlap strips around the mason jar and secure it carefully onto the jar with a glue gun
  4. Do the same thing with the other strip of burlap onto another jar
  5. Measure a red, white, or blue ribbon the same way you measured the mason jar; secure it onto the center of the burlap ribbon with a glue gun
  6. Decorate with red and white twine or a burlap star
  7. To make a burlap star, lay a cut sheet of burlap ribbon onto a covered surface like wax paper
  8. Using the white paint and paint brush to freehand paint the shape of a star onto the burlap; two coats
  9. Allow the painted stars to dry
  10. Once dry, cut the white burlap stars out using scissors
  11. Place them onto the center of the decorated mason jars with a glue gun

Directions for the American Flag Inspired Water Colored Napkins:

  1. Place the white napkin onto the towel
  2. In a bowl combine about a 1 cup water and about 2 heaping teaspoons of the desired paint color
  3. Stir well with a paintbrush to combine
  4. Start by dipping the foam brush in the water and press it along the side of the jar to prevent it from being soaking wet
  5. Use the foam paintbrush to carefully swipe the water and paint mixture over the napkin
  6. If you want the color to be darker add more paint, if you want it lighter add more water
  7. Swipe the watercolor with the brush in as perfect or imperfect lines as you like
  8. The napkin will be pretty damp Once you are done; allow the napkin to dry completely; do this by hanging it with a pants hanger with clips for the best (and fastest) results
  9. Once the napkin is dry (anywhere from 1-8 hours), use the small paint brush to freehand paint white stars onto the blue water-colored napkin; optional These can be washed by hand with gentle detergent
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