Maria Provenzano is keeping you in style with this DIY.


  • Mini 2” Magnifying glass toys
  • Gold spray paint
  • Magazines for letters
  • Glue
  • Necklace chain
  • Small jump rings
  • Gold leaf paint
  • Paint brush
DIY Magnifying Glass Necklace - Home & Family


· Pop out the plastic center of the magnifying glass

· Spray paint the magnifying glass holder gold (not the clear plastic portion); allow to dry

· Add gold leaf paint and allow to dry; optional

· Find desired letters in a magazine and cut them out

· Attach the letters to the magnifying glass (that was popped out earlier) and place back into
the newly painted holder

· There is a hole at the bottom of the magnifying glass handle; attach a jump ring through the

· Attach the magnifying glass charm onto a chain to make it a necklace

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