Paige Hemmis is taking old magazines, needle & thread, hot glue, a clock piece and a pencil and building her own magazine clock.


  • Magazines
  • Pen/pencil
  • Needle & thread
  • Hot glue
  • Clock mechanism
  • Tape
  • 5x5 wood piece
DIY Magazine Clock - Home & Family


1. Cut pages of a magazine out.

2. Take your skewer & roll the magazine around it.

3. Tape the tube.

4. Once rolled & taped bend up from the bottom.

5. While it’s folded poke a needle with string attached through the paper.

6. Repeat this step about 24 times to make a full circle.

7. Once it’s a full circle tighten with a knot & hot glue together for extra security.

8. Take your wooden base & hot glue the magazine construction to it.

9. Then take your clock mechanism & add a piece of velcro to the back (this way you can detach & put in new batteries when the time comes).

10. Place the clock mechanism in the middle of the magazine construction.

11. Then follow the directions that came with your clock mechanism to see how to connect the whole clock together. They all vary.

12. Then hang up.

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