Maria is creating a beautiful Macramé Mirrors.


  • 4mm macramé cord
  • wooden rings
  • natural wooden beads with 25 mm hole
  • frameless mirror
  • heavy-duty scissors
  • wire brish or fine tooth comb

1. Cut two lengths of macramé cord to about 20-25 ft.
2. To create your starting knot, a lark’s head knot, fold the cord in half and loop through a wooden ring. Feed the tails of your cord through the arch of the fold in your cord and pull taut until it hugs the ring.
3. Repeat step 2 with your second length of cord.
4. Hook your ring onto something sturdy to work on.
5. Gather the two center cords together and pull away the two outer cords.

To create the spiral stitch
6. Start your spiral stitch with a half square knot. Weave one of the outer cords underneath the two center cords so that it looks like a “4”.
7. Weave the opposite outer cord underneath the outer most corner of your “4” shape and pull the tails of the outer cords taut.
8. Repeat the half square knot starting with the opposite cord every other “stitch” to create your spiral stitch.
*The macramé will start to twist; this is normal hence the name “spiral stitch”. *
To secure your mirror
9. Once you’ve completed the length of macramé you want the mirror to hang on, slide a wooden bead onto all four cords.
10. Double knot two of the cords together, then the other two.
11. Separate the two sets of cords and put one set to the back and one set to the front.
12. Snip a few 4” pieces of macramé cord.
13. Find the middle of your mirror and pull the cords to the edges of the mirror on the front and back.
14. Use the strands you just cut to tie the front cords to the back cords on both edges. Double knot.
15. Fray the edges of the knots for a fun bohemian look.
16. Take both sets of your cords and tie them together into a very tight knot, pull as taut as possible for security.
17. Start another spiral stitch and complete to desired length.
18. Add wooden beads before tying off the bottom.
19. To create the bottom tassel, use a wire brush or fine comb to brush out the remaining cord.
20. Hang as desired and enjoy!

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