Maria Provenzano is getting into the Valentine's Day spirit with this colorful DIY.

Materials for Holding Heart Backdrop

  • crepe paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • balloons

Materials for Blowing Kisses Backdrop

  • hearts of ascending sizes (can be precut, or cut out using red paper and scissors)
  • tape

Materials for Baby in Heart Shape

  • swaddle
  • mini hearts
  • rose petals

Directions for Holding Heart Backdrop

1. Cut the crepe paper in long strips and attach to a wall with tape to create a long sheet of the three different colors; this creates a cool backdrop

2. Place the toddler in front of the sheet of crepe paper with balloons

Directions for Blowing Kisses Backdrop

1) Use the tape to attach the hearts to a wall going from small to large to look like the toddler is blowing hearts like a kiss

Directions for Baby in Heart Shape

1) Place the rose petals or hearts onto the swaddle to create a large heart

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