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DIY Lollipop Tree

DIY Lollipop Tree

Ken Wingard is making a holiday-themed DIY that you can also easily turn into an advent calendar.
  • 8’ of 1x1 wood
  • drill
  • dowel
  • paint
  • E6000
  • Round plaque
  • Finial
  • lollipops


1. Glue the finial to the round plaque with wood glue or E6000

2. Drill a whole at the top of the finial

3. Paint the base

4. Cut 8 ‘ of 1x1 wood into varying lengths (6”, 8”, 10”, 12”)

5. You want 3 pieces of each length (2 inches longer than the other)

6. Mark and drill a hole in the center of each piece of wood (make sure bit size matches the

7. Drill two holes on each end of the pieces of wood for the lollipop sticks

8. Paint your wood green (or leave it as is)

9. Place the dowel in the stand and glue

10. Stack all of the wood pieces

11. Add the star to the top

12. Fill the holes with lollipops

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