Paige Hemmis is showing you how to upgrade your room's look with this DIY.


  • Semi-gloss paint (gallon) in the color of your choosing
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Artist’s glaze
  • An old (or new) bristle broom
  • Paint roller
  • Paint roller tray
  • Coffee cups
  • Paper towel or rags


1. Using semi-gloss paint, completely paint the wall and let dry according to manufacturer’s suggestion. (A couple of hours is usually good, although some suggest waiting 24 hours…who has time for such things?)

2. Use disposable coffee cups to create the recipe of paint to glaze. Mix equal parts of glaze and paint to create your recipe.

3. Take your tape measure and measure out 3 feet from the top left corner of the wall. Mark it at 3 feet.

4. Continue this process half way down the wall and mark 3 feet.

5. Complete the same process at the bottom of the wall and mark at 3 feet. (This will assure that your vertical lines are straight.)

6. Once your 3 foot section is clearly marked, take a paint roller in your new mixture of 50% glaze and 50% paint, and roll it on the wall from top to bottom. Get a little spring in your step since you don’t want this to dry on you! Work fast my friends!

7. Take your stick broom and splay out the sticks.

8. Start at the top left corner of the room and drag the broom all the way down the wall to the bottom with firm pressure. Continue this across the three feet until that entire section is done. Make sure to maintain the same pressure so that the wall pattern is consistent. As soon as you are done with that section, take a paper towel or rag to dry off the broom as much as possible.

9. Guess what happens next? You do it all over again in three feet sections until your entire wall is done.

10. OPTIONAL: If you are happy with the pattern, stop there. If you want to create a jean effect, do the same method horizontally with the 50/50 mixture over the top of the vertical lines.

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