Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is making a snake and palm light blocker for your door.

Materials for "Snake" Light Blocker

  • Felt
  • Fabri-tac
  • Navy beans
  • Fabric scissors

Directions for "Palm Tree" Light Blocker

    Directions for "Snake" Light Blocker

    1. Measure the width of your door.
    2. Scale pattern to your door.
    3. Trace pattern onto fabric.
    4. Cut fabric.
    5. Cut snake tongue shape out using pink felt.
    6. Use fabri-tac to glue seams of your fabric together (leaving 4” opening for stuffing and turning inside out).
    7. Let glue dry and flip your snake out (like you would a sock).
    8. Fill with navy beans.
    9. Glue hole closed.
    10. Use glue to add cut stripes and eyes - further detailing.

    Directions for "Palm Tree" Light Blocker

    1. Create trunk with brown felt.
    2. Layer felt to create the palm tree trunk.
    3. Use fabri-tac to glue pieces together.
    4. Cut palm tree leaves from the foam.
    5. Add wood dowel for additional weight at bottom of felt.

    Download Palm Tree Pattern

    Download Snake PatternGet more information about this episode >>

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