DIY Life-Sized Peg Game Outdoor Table

Make this fun game that is perfect for your summertime gathering.
DIY Life-Sized Peg Game Outdoor Table
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  • Plywood
  • Table Legs (3)
  • 6” Table Legs (15)
  • Round Table Top Buns (15)
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Jig Saw
  • Drill
  • Wood Glue
  • Wine Opener


  1. Cut out a 4 foot triangle with 60 degree angles
  2. Mark the center of each side of the triangle
  3. Draw a line from the center of one side to the corner of the opposite side
  4. Draw a triangle 5 ½ inches inside your triangle
  5. The points where the lines meet is where your pegs will go
  6. Draw two more lines from the two circles closest to the top (not the one on top) to the circles closest to the bottom corners (not the bottom corners)
  7. There should be 15 points where you will drill the holes
  8. Attach table leg hardware to the bottom of wood 9 inches away from the corners
  9. Finish by using 1x3 wood to create a one inch lip on all sides
  10. Paint or stain as desired
  11. For pegs, your will need a 6 inch table leg and 2 ½ inch round table top buns. You will need 15 of each.
  12. Remove hardware from bot
  13. Attach leg to top bun using wood glue then screw a nail in to secure
  14. Paint pegs desired color
  15. Remove swivel from table leg using bottle opener.
  16. Remove hardware from table leg using a wrench.
  17. Attach table leg to top bun using wood glue to secure.
  18. Paint pegs desired color.
  19. Place outdoors or indoors and have fun!
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