DIY "Letters to Santa" Wall Hang

Maria Provenzano is making a holiday-themed DIY that kids can help out on.


  • Baby Blanket
  • 2 Dowels
  • Fabri-Tac
  • Eye Hooks
  • Gold Rope
  • Felt
  • Fabric Transfer Sheets & Iron
  • Buttons
  • Yarn


1. Lay your baby blanket out flat. Place your dowels on the top and the bottom edges of your blanket. Roll the edges over them just enough to hold the dowels in snuggly and fabri-tac the edge down. The ends of the dowels should be poking out on either end.

2. Pre-drill a tiny hole into either end of the top dowel and screw in the eye hooks.

3. Knot your golden rope into both eye hooks. This is how you will hang it.

4. Cut your felt into 6x6 in. square sheets

Note: These don’t need to be 6x6. They can be whatever size you’d prefer

5. Cut a triangular slit from the top of your felt sheet to create the “envelope” look.

6. Cut more felt into triangular sheets just slightly larger than the holes cut into the envelope. These will be the envelope flaps.

7. Decide where you want your envelopes to be placed on your blanket and fabri-tac only along the edges of three sides. (You should be able to reach into the cut triangular edge as your “pocket”).

8. Take your envelope flaps and fabri-take the top edge just slightly above the rest of the envelope. This should look like the envelope once you are finished.

9. For extra details, either sew or glue a piece of yarn underneath the top flap and a button onto the envelope to “seal” it.

10. You can also use fabric transfer sheets to label each of your envelopes!

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