Ken Wingard gets you ready for St. Patrick's Day with this festive DIY.


  • Plastic pots
  • paint
  • pencils
  • foam cord
  • lights
  • gold coins
  • moss
  • wood round plaques
  • hot glue
  • straws
  • twine
  • card stock



1. Paint plastic. Let dry.
2. Place on top of wood round plaques.
3. Create a ladder made from pencils or dowels
4. Fill the pot with gold coins
5. Cut pencils and create a ladder using hot glue
6. use twine and wrap around ladder


1. Cut foam cord (size on website
2. Cut card stock to foam (size on website)
3. Punch holes through card stock
4. Glue one side of foam cord onto card stock
5. Insert 2 straws together
6. Pull lights through straws and card stock
7. Insert lights through holes
8. Once lights are attached
9. Attach second sign back on
10. Paint green
11. Add sticker

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