Lego master model builder Matthew Slagle shows how to bring Holiday cheer with DIY Lego Snowflakes.


  • Corner plate Legos in white
  • Single width plate Legos in white and blue
  • Two circular plate Legos one larger than the other
  • Single plate Legos in blue
DIY Lego Snowflake - Home & Family


1. Attach the small circular plate to the front of the large circular plate.

2. Attach the corner of four corner pieces onto the back of the large circular plate so that the two ends stick out from the front.

3. Place blue and white single width plate Legos, on the outer edge of the larger Lego. Alternate the blue and white for visual interest.

4. Stick the corner of four corner pieces onto the back side of the four white single width plate Legos.

5. Add single plate Legos to the tip of each blue single width plate.

6. Display and enjoy!

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