Orly Shani is getting you into the holiday spirit by making earrings that would be perfect for your Christmas party


  • leather
  • jewelry pins
  • glue
  • eyelets
  • earring hooks
  • hole punch  

Directions for Basic Triangle Earring (for faux leather)

· Cut triangle shapes

· Glue triangles together

· Add the eyelet/grommet to the top piece of the leather to attach the earring hook.

· Attach a jump ring to create the earring hook

· Bedazzle/add decor to leather

· Faux leather has a fabric back, however with this design you don’t see the back


Directions for “Diamond Shaped Loop Earring” (for real leather)

· Cut leather into diamond shapes in increasing size

· Start with smallest diamond and set grommet into top- this is where you attach a jump ring and earring hook

· Take medium sized diamond piece, fold in half, and sandwich the bottom the bottom of smallest triangle

· Repeat with the largest to create your Christmas tree effect

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