Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, Orly Shani and Maria Provenzano are teaming up to make this kid-friendly DIY.


  • Milk Jug (1 gallon, plastic)
  • Dowels
  • Card Stock
  • Hot Glue
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Cardboard
  • X-Acto Knife

Materials for Pumpkin Pie Garland

  • Yellow Felt
  • Orange Felt or Foam Paper
  • White Pom-Poms
  • Glue Gun
  • String or Ribbon

Materials for Pilgrim

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Construction Paper
  • Tacky Glue
DIY Kids' Tablescape - Home & Family


1. Cut out 1/3 of the milk jug from the side of the handle, leaving the bottom of the jug in tact.
2. Cut out the side of the jug that will becomes the new bottom because it will not be stable because the bottom is curve
3. Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom and glue in place
4. Hot glue two pieces of dowel onto the boat to act as the mast
5. Spray paint the boat brown and allow to dry
6. Punch a hole in card stock and slide onto the dowel (mast) to act as the sail
Tip: For the top flag, use a pencil to give it a curve that make is look like it’s blowing in the wind
7. Fill with kids crafts

Directions for Garland

1. Cut the orange and tan felt into pie shapes as large are you like
2. Attach them using a hot glue gun, leaving the top inch unglued for now
3. Create the “crust” on the top of the pie by cutting a strip of the tan felt, then apply a line of hot glue onto the orange felt, and then bunching the felt to look like a crust as you attach it
Tip: You need to be a bit patient when attaching the top part of the “crust” and hold it until it dries, and work in small sections
4. Attach the white pom pom in the center of the “pie” with a hot glue gun
5. Lay out the pie pieces to create the length of the banner
6. Cut enough string for the banner
7. Apply some hot glue at the top of the pie piece that was left unglued and place the string in the center to secure it, repeat with each piece of pie to create a banner

Directions for Pilgrim

1. Wrap black construction paper around a toilet paper roll
2. Use a different color paper for the face. Glue this onto the roll.
3. Cut paper to fit ¾ of the roll and shred it into small pieces for the hair
4. Cut out a circle ½ inch larger than the top of the toilet paper roll on all side and glue to top of toilet paper roll.
5. Write name on strip of black paper and make a cylinder, dip in tacky glue, and glue to the top to become the hat
6. Cut two small strips of black or grey paper to fit around toilet paper roll. Glue a yellow rectangle to both pieces. Glue one piece around the hat. Glue one piece below the face as the belt.
7. Cut white paper into a circle, and cut that in half. Use both pieces to make the collar.
8. Hole punch circles for the eyes and mouth (cut circle in half for mouth).

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