DIY Kids Halloween Costumes with Tanya Memme

Ava's Bag of Jelly Beans
Items Needed:
1 clear wrapping bag or clear garbage bag
2 packs of colorful water balloons 1 ribbon to tie the bag at the top Clear packing tape Sharpie pen Directions:
1. Cut out two holes in the bottom of the bag for two legs and then reinforce with clear packing tape on the sides. Do the same for the arms.
2. Turn the bag over and draw out the Nutrition contents label with a Sharpie. I found an image on line and used a big book to trace out the rectangle for the label. 3. Put the costume on to size. Then fill it up with the balloons and tie at the top! Pasta and Meatballs Costume for Babies
Tools needed:
1 white hat
1 baby bib 2 bundles of pasta color yarn 5-6 large brown pom poms 1 sheet of red felt 1 plastic bowl 1 placemat Glue gun with 2-3 glue sticks Directions:
1. Loop a bunch of the yarn in your hands creating different lengths. Use a glue gun to glue the bunches of looped yarn on the baby bib and the hat.
2. Be very generous, covering all of the bib. 3. Then, glue on a few large brown pom poms. 4. Cut out red felt drips of spaghetti sauce and glue in and around the pasta. 5. Do this on the bib and the hat. 6. Then, take a plastic bowl big enough for your baby to fit in and cut out the bottom of the bowl with a sharp serrated knife. 7. To attach the placemat, place the cut out bottom of the plastic bowl on the placemat and trace with a pen or pencil. 8. Cut out the traced hole. 9. Glue the placemat to the bottom of the bowl and you're done! **You can make the costume without the pasta sauce or with. The Little Old Man from the Movie "UP!"
Tools Needed:
10 - 12 helium balloons 9"
Ribbons for the balloons Black framed glasses PVC Pipe Silver Spray paint Two golf balls Directions:
1. Find as many clothing items to match the character on the movie!
2. Attach the balloons to the back of the sweater with a safety pin. 3. The walker is made with PVC Pipe. The height of the walker depends on the height of your child! Cut 4 pieces of 1" PVC pipe the height you want The walker to be. 4. Then, cut 4 pieces about 1' in length for the sides and handles. 5. Cut one more piece the desired width you want. 5. For the walker (what is easy for your kids to walk with), attach with duct tape and 4 PVC elbow joints. The Cupcake Costume
Tools Needed:
A beveled pink lamp shade or you can paint a white one
Pillow case Batting or pillow stuffing Colored Pom Poms Spray Glue Directions:
1. Take the lamp shade and turn it upside down.
2. Trim the bottom of the pillowcase to fit the height of your child. 3. Then, take the trimmed side of the pillowcase and glue or staple the pillowcase opening around the circumference of the lampshade. 4. Cut one hole at the top for the head and two in the sides for arms. 5. Spray glue the pillowcase and dab with batting. Make it full, create layers and keep gluing and firming the batting until you get the desired look of fluffy icing. 6. Then, glue on different colored pom poms as sprinkles! Check out momtrepreneur Tanya Memme and all things lifestyle on her website Follow her crafty adventures on Twitter @Tanya_Memme and take a look at more DIY fun on

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