Dylan Neal shows you how to make these awesome DIY kids desk for two.


  • Cabinets
  • White Paint
  • Ikea Stools
  • Baskets
  • 4x8 sheet of MDF
  • Circular Saw/Miter Saw/Table Saw
  • Lattice Strips 
  • Nail Gun
  • L Brackets
  • Paint roller and Tray
DIY Kids Desk for Two - Home & Family


Step 1 Use a pencil and tape measure to mark the size of top you want. Try and leave the length long enough so that two people can sit side-by-side in the middle of the table. Mine was 27”x81”.

Step 2 Cut 4x8 sheet of MDF using circular saw or hand saw to your measurements.

Step 3 Rip your lattice to the thickness of your MDF. The best look is 1”. It doesn’t matter if you only have 3/4” MDF because the 1” lattice will make your table top look thicker.

Step 4 Cut you lattice edging to length for each side of the table top and miter the corners at 45 degrees so that your corners are tight when you apply the lattice edging.

Step 5 Glue and nail the lattice all the way around the perimeter of the MDF top.

Step 6 Apply spackle or wood filler to cover nails and any gaps between the lattice and table top. Sand smooth when dry.

Step 7 Paint bottom cabinets and table top the same color.

Step 8 Once table top is positioned on bottom cabinets, attach two corner or L brackets underneath to both the table top and cabinets to keep top securely in place.

Various Options for cabinets and painting:

Use any two pieces of furniture for the base as long as they are both the same height and at a comfortable sitting height - usually between 28-30” high. If using metal filing cabinets, try using spray paint on the metal as it will give a more professional look.

For added protection to the table top, have a piece of glass cut to cover the entire surface. Spills will clean up effortlessly.

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