Orly Shani is helping you display your jewelry using a tree branch.


  • Tree branch
  • Spray paint
  • Sand paper
  • Glue
  • Resin-paint brush
  • Stain
  • Drill


1. Pick branches that are a finger thick and have lots of twigs and forks on them.
2. Make sure you have enough nubs because that is where you will hang jewelry.
3. Avoid branches that are smooth.
4. Clean branches, scrap off bark then place in oven at 170 degrees for one hour and check every 15 minutes.
5. Place or hang the tree branch in an area where it can hang and dry once resin is applied.
6. Brush on a couple of coats of resin and make sure you coat the entire branch.
7. Let it dry over night that way the tree branches can really harden.
8. Once dry, spray paint entire branch in open area.
9. Place tree stump on table and drill a hole in the middle.
10. Make sure it is the same size of your tree branch.
11. Insert tree branch and add glue until secure.
12. Let dry overnight.
13. Once dry, add jewelry and display.

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