Orly Shani is creating a Christmas-themed DIY with photo paper.


  • Jewels
  • Paint brush/ toothpick
  • E 6000
  • Photo Paper
  • Photo
  • Frame


1. Select desired art or photograph. It can be any size but should fit a frame

2. Place art or photograph on table and decided where you want to add jewels first. You can
add as many jewels as you like

3. Once you have decided where you want to place the jewels, add a small dab of E6000 glue,
then add jewel, and let dry

4. Make sure all jewels are securely glued on and dry

5. Take the desired frame you will insert photo in and make sure to take off the glass

6. Discard the glass, you will not be using it for this project

7. Insert photo in frame and project is done

8. Make sure to allow 24 hours to dry.

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